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Monday, 29 October 2007

Free Accomodations In Galway...

Very rare to see these free accomodations... isn't it?

Galway In Black

October, 29th 2007.

It's Around 8PM (GMT).

Galway Is Empty.

Who The First To Notice? Quincy, Obv.

Will Ever People Be Faster Than Me?

Forums People


No More Need To Be Said
(Just A Joke, I Promise I'll Be Again MrNiceGuy...)

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Big Shame In Manchester

A Few Snapshots Combo Of Some Firebombed And D-Bombed Lands This Morning In Manchester.
Shame That You Did Not Grow Up Since The Time You Kicked My Ass In There Using The Same Nasty Comps And Nasty Messages.
You Know Who You Are.
I Did Not Censor Becouse All These Were Public On The Game Board. Still If Someone Is Offended, Just Let Me Know And I'll Provide To Put Asterisks In The Right Places.
Obv, You've Been Reported On The Reps Forum.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Finally: BANNED!!!

And Looking At My Posts Number, Around 120 Of Them Have Been Deleted.
I'd Like To Know What You Think Of This, Feel Free To Post (Moderated But Not Censored) Comments Using The Link Below.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Netropolis News Page: The Thruth

The Netropolis News Page Was Changed As I Posted On The Official Forums.
The Pic Above (click to enlarge it) Was Took Just Before Someone Who Posted False Infos Could Change It.
No Conspiracy Here, Just The Plain Thruth.
In The Pic Above, No Presence Of "The Reps" Signature As Stated Here.
Now You All Know.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Exodus From Seattle And AliceSprings

October, the 12th 2007

Only 31 comps in Seattle. And one liquidated.

More or less, the same thing happened in Alicesprings (only 40 comps at the reset...)

What happened?

God Only Knows, So Don't Ask Me...

It's Not Going So Bad

14 billions threshold passed

Atlantis, Santacruz, Montevideo, Glasgow, Galway, Edmonton heroed in less than 36 hours.

And more to come....

It's Not Going So Bad....

Friday, 5 October 2007

How NOT TO Build...

More Examples Can Be Found In Manchester...

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Pot Of Gold

Recently, there has been more war on forums, than in the maps battlefields.

It seems that even if a lot has been done to have a better game, it is still not enough to improve the number of player involved in it.

I have the suspicion that recent updates, who defeated NetroDevil and javalinks (even if new tool have prolly been implemented), have left some players orphans of their daily instruments, and having to face the fact that they had to play manually, they preferred to give up...

The priority is now to have more people into the game. Newbies and old fellows, only with them competition and fun can increase!

How odd, though, no promotional campaing has been set by Game Owners.

On their huge portal, we can only find a little icon at the bottom of their wide Games Section.

That's all.

It seems to me they've the Pot Of Gold, but do not let anyone find it.

A tournie, if seriously managed, could help having some old players back, and maybe be hooked again into the game.

But nothing is done to have new blood into Netropolis' veins.

So, its seems that all is left to us, unofficial sites, blogs and forums, to make something to let the Outside World know that there is a Free Amazing Game disposable.

Even if accused to be Tiscali competitors (LMAO) we do more than they do and ever did to bring in customers.

Let's use all our sites, blogs, unofficial forums, email signatures, other communities accounts profiles, to promote a game that they have a corporate portal to advertise about, but they do not.

Let's make a Rainbow....