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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The Little Story of A Great Empire... gone for good...


An amazing place to have. Great security and amazing police. It was MI6's before the previous liquidation, then it went to Syndicate. When Marco left, he gave it back to me. Few tried to annoy in there, with no chance...


I cannot even remember how it came to have part of it. Nice place, and nice ppl to share it with. Now gone for good, but who knows...


I had no real interest in that place, i had enough lands to deal with at the time. Previous owner massively used 24/7 login scripts, though, so i went pissed off and took it after a few bombing. No one went to seriously reclaim, as too often it happens in the contemporary Netro...


It went free after last MI6 minireset. Mariners, or someone managing their comps, tried to take it, but we soon took it back. Quite impossible to attack it, expecially when you have 100+ banks to save you ass...

Another place that long time was MI6's. It seems i took it off Ashley/Matty eons ago, not a great security/police, and strike day can be a mess... if anyone has balls to come and hit you!


The place was blocked for long time when there was the 500 comps per city limit. When it went free, it had 150+ banks on 46 mills protecting it.
DDog decided to take it over, and obviously he succeeded in. Most of banks were forced to hero, another DD Style Mission!

The place declares amazing security and police stats. It's false, they're not so good! Having a part of it was enough...


This wonderful UK city was long monitored for the scripts abuse running in there. A DD mission to take it was successful, as usual. Previous owner tried a spare counter-takeover using their wonderful tools, but the day after lands were back in our hands.


What a wonderful place to live in!. It was Administration's, we took it over with no bombs a couple of times before Rigerz and Fran left it. Deano is visiting it daily trying to discover not-existant scripts. He is a moron, but this is not a great new!


A little piece of my heart. It was conquered several years ago, when the Game was the GAME. There were so many good players sharing it! I remember Copper, Midget, James.... And remember when Zippy helped me to bomb it on a hot summer night, drinking wine and building the way she builds...
Dallas was blocked with 500 comps for long time, the experiment to have 100% comps in there was successful till the limit was removed. Reading what other players posted at the time, on Tiscali forums, it seemed it would have become a rat hole just after the limit was removed. None came though, and it was a wonderful place till today. Will miss it, despite its not so good security. So long, Dallas!


Another place affected by 24/7 logins.
Was not that hard to take, and no reaction received. Our last goal, till today at least. Amazing police, but be careful with fires... especially since today :P


The place was Tony's and he left it to me when he left. I hope he will not be angry with me to have liquidated it, but I will help you take it back whenever you want to, mate!


Old Aack's reign. Long time we had lands there, recently we took over what was bedi's (I think) and that went suddenly free.


That place is a rat hole. I did not have any particular reason to take it over, i can only remember that i made their saturdays really hot before they gave up and let the lands go.

All is gone for good... but how long?



Anonymous said...

Not such a great empire, considering it was run by scripts ;)

FLF said...

@ Anonymous: usual bullshit, food for losers. You're welcome, anyway :)

Anonymous said...

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