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Friday, 31 August 2007

Signing A Land Hero

WTF... who heroed Saska onlands?


(sorry mate, you know who you are, forgive me if i was in a graphic mood...)

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

While People Run In Circles...

... my main sits in square
Heroed Lapaz.
Thanks to owners to have not bombed me back...

Friday, 24 August 2007

Midget Is Stalking The Stalker

Thirteen Billions Mark reached by my main.
Good going, but Midget is getting close.
Stalking The Stalker, I'd Say lol
Quincy is on tour, as many did notice...
To all those moaning at me when they find my main on 8% or more of their city lands, accusing me to have forced hero them or bombed them to go onlands... well, i am innocent (there'd be nothing bad at all, but i do not need to bomb or force anyone, i can profit of when you do not look properly after your lands, mates...)
Quincy will go on touring 'till all Netropolis places will be completed.
I won't force nor bomb anyone, even if there could be some exception... there's someone who needs explanation on how to bomb properly... and the right person above all :P

Poll No. 02 Results

Ok, quite half of this blog visitors (better, those who voted) admitted to have used scripts to play the game. Is anyone surprised?
The rest they said not to have... maybe they were never given a Netrodevil copy?
God Only Knows, So Don't Ask Me

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Today Is The Day

Today is the day.

Since 11 am UK time, Netropolis is under maintenance for the first, serious update since eons.

They'll try to prevent scripting and restore highlights.

And New functionalities will be added (a gret curiosity around the new contextual menu that should appear right-clicking on a plot).

Holding our breaths, tapping our fingers, and great traffic on the Game Official Forums.

Will there be more competition? Will old players be back and test their old skill on the new Netro?

Personally, i hope to see an old friend back to the game.

She was away for so long, and always claimed she would have come back once the Games Team has sorted main matters with the game.

There were lot of miscomprehension between us in the last months before she left, and i do not expect we'll be friends again, but to have her back, will be really great.

I think that all current netroplayers, those who survived to scipts, javalinks, system stalling, lack of real competition, and having so many friends gone from the game, are waiting to finally play a funny game, and have a friend or two that will come back and start playing again.

Let's hope today will be the day of a Great Sweet Reunion.

Waiter, a bottle of Champagne and a couple of bank comps to bomb with please... I have friends to party with.

Monday, 20 August 2007

Bye Bye NetroDevil

Bye Bye, NetroDevil.
System updates are soon to come, and this will be the End for this tool, used and abused all over Netropolis. I was given a copy of Netrodevil several months ago, by a player i won't mention couse I am not interested in knowing if he/she was used to use it.
It took me not so long to understand how this script was a complete BS.
For the (few?) ones that never had a copy and often wondered how would be great to have one, I can say that you missed nothing. Everyone can play better and faster without using it.
Now that an attempt to block scripting will disable Netrodevil, we'll wait and see what else will come (it will come for sure, some people seem unable to play without cheating/scripting).

Bye Bye, NetroDevil.

I am one of those that won't miss you for sure.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Revealing The Unrevealed - How To Find An HTC In A Map

Here's the way I use to find an High Tech Center in whatever map i am attacked in.
The video, hosted on YouTube, has not a great definition, but i hope it is clear enough to wipe losers' tears...

As shown in the video, i have built a CrazyBrowser group, made of 63 tabs, each of them showing a a different 7x7 squares. The group, obviously, covers the whole map (whatever map i am in).

The group has a few overlapping zoomed-in maps, but i was too lazy to make it perfect...

So when a loser tries to hit me using an HTC, i launch the group, wait the 63 tabs to be loaded, and then i visit fast each of them using F2 or F3 keyboard shortcuts, till i find the HTC i am looking for.

Depending on server speed, internet connection speed, and on the luck to find it at the first tab or the last, it takes me less than 30 seconds to find the diamond in the mud.

The rest is obvious.

This How-To is provided as is, royalty free, and no buck required to learn to play the game properly without any cheat, but brains.

Cannot say the same for other people merchandising their skills about Netro, then crying the wolf when they lose.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Nasty Memos

(click to enlarge)
Said that i am driving Karl's car, here the nasty memos i received on it last night.
According to my way of living life, I just censored the name of the guilty comp, but you know who you are and you know that I know.
Nasty memos are a shame, no more and no less than obscene comps names. I hope GameTeam will soon act against these behaviours.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

New Map Added: Venice

A New City Added In Netropolis: Venice.

Peculiarity: Good Casino, High Cost Of Living And, Above All, Fires/Firestarters Are Quite Unuseful.


Just A NetroDream, Though

Monday, 6 August 2007

City Limits Removed

Cannot leave you alone, guys LOL.

As I left for a long weekend (a national Jehovas meeting at Rome Olympic Stadium suggested me to run away very very early to avoid traffic), city comps limit was removed.

That was great.

Let's be sincere: I was tired to own the whole Dallas. A little experiment led to the extreme, that brought me to have whole 500 comps in it. It was long time i was tempted to leave it unblocked, or even to liquidate it. The experiment had been successful, and i started concidering the idea on how to free the place. Weeks ago i had thought to use the map for a minicontest between Old Players and New Players. I wrote the rules, and created the comps to play the mini tournie.

Then, i received few nukes, and the project stopped couse it was impossible to start it in a place nuked on regular basis. Now that the place has become free to enter, all this has become senseless. Not that i am so interested in the place itself, it's really a long long time i have it, but for all those who thought that I blocked it couse unable to defend it properly, well, now it's time to test if that was true or not. I am not throwing any challenge to anyone, not so silly lol.

In any case, just to underline my point of view, i removed some blockers so to enable players who entered with their comps to feed them. In fact, all comps exceeding the 500th can not receive trasfers (a mistake that GT did when 500 comps limit in towns was removed, years ago, when Newquay and Carmarthen were off-limits).

Enjoy your venture in Dallas, i am happy to welcome you all!

Thanks to the Games Team, you never wonder how much time u saved from me!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Poll No. 01 Results

Here the results of first poll about your most beloved Netropolis Dirty Trick.
Thanks to all who had the patience to vote.
Firestarters are current players' favourite weapon.
Only one Mr. Nice Guy, and it was not me LOL