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Friday, 30 January 2009

All Places Heroed!

Company: QuincyBros
Director: Quincy

Cities won

Kirkwall once
Johnogroats once
Dundee once
Sunderland once
Cockermouth once
Skegness once
Bangor once
Woking once
Newquay once
Bantry once
Mullingar once
Manchester once
Galway once
Aberdeen once
London once
Edinburgh once
Plymouth once
Dublin twice
Stornoway once
Armagh once
Carmarthen once
Guildford once
Norwich once
Hull once
Glasgow once
Londonderry once
Cork once
Cardiff once
Belfast once
SiouxFalls once
Springfield once
Erie once
Chatanooga once
SanFrancisco once
Seattle once
KansasCity once
Chicago once
Philadelphia once
Sacramento once
Boston once
Topeka once
LosAlamos once
Roswell once
Waco once
KeyWest once
LosAngeles once
Dallas 40 times
NewOrleans once
Miami once
NewYork once
Cheyenne once
Austin once
WashingtonDC once
KangarooIsland once
Townsville once
HumptyDoo once
Darwin once
Brisbane once
Canberra once
PortHedland once
Geelong once
Bundaberg once
Hobart once
Perth once
Melbourne twice
Albany once
SummerBay once
Launceston once
Oodnadatta once
Cairns once
Erinsborough once
Adelaide once
AliceSprings once
Sydney once
Olympus once
SealionDion once
Pangnirtang once
HappeyValleyGooseBay once
FortGeorge once
ThunderBay once
PrinceAlbert once
MedecineHat once
DawsonsCreek once
ToadRiver once
YellowKnife once
Edmonton once
Saskatoon once
StJohns once
Halifax once
Quebec once
Niagra once
Winnipeg once
Calgary once
Vancouver once
Montreal once
Ottawa once
Toronto once
Pompeii twice
Valhalla 3 times
Atlantis 10 times
Moscow once
Stockholm once
Warsaw once
Berlin once
Paris 4 times
Geneva once
Granada twice
Rome once
Istanbul once
Sarajevo once
Santacruz once
Buenosaires once
Montevideo once
Santiago once
Lapaz once
Lima once
Riogrande once
Saopaulo once
Salvador once
Riodejaneiro once
Caracus once
Bogota once
Quito once

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Rumours of scripting in Instambul recently.
Well it seems it deserved a special treatment... i could not have done better...

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

LA scripted

This poor quality video reporting a very odd (LOL) way of bombing the left side of LA map. Keep your attention on the right side of the fires front:

Bomber was....


Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year!

All netropeople were out on the streets to look at the wonderful fireworks offered by opposite groups of players. It was a little Nuke Festival to make children stay at the windows till late at night:







Not to forget the Dark Side of INSTAMBUL