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Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Nukes Bells

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Dear Santa....

Dear Santa, Dear Santa, Please Bring Me New Lands
Create Some Free Space I Can Put On My Hands
Just Some Good High Places, Both Cities Or Caps,
For You Shoud Be Easy To Free A Few Maps!










By Hickman, Becca, Martyn (Dunno If Any Other Else).
Great Christmas Show: Santa Will Clap You Hands

Saturday, 15 December 2007

The Confession

Yes, I am a scripter.
It was long time I needed to confess my big fault.
This morning I woke up and finally i found the courage. The fear of the Lord kicking my ass out of the Eden Garden seems disappeared.

I lit a ciggy, but hush, babies, do not say a word (I cheated the wife too, said i do not smoke no more, but it's a lie... and not the last one).

The main reason for me to be a scripter is becouse my best friend is a scripter. To be sincere, i am almost confused with virtual identities. Who's behind a profile, a nickname, an emoticon? Do we really know? Are they what they pretend to be? My best chat friend (i lost her during the long way that brought me to be a scripter) after 3 year revealed to me that her name was a fake, and that the real one was another... what the truth?

Sorry, i was going offtopic...
Yes, my best netromate is a scripter, and the more time i spend with him, the more i discover his endless capability to create new magnificent tools.
About his identity, oh, well, i am quite sure he is Ferg the Myth. The Lord of Netro1 Scripters.
But who cares, in the end...

My mate started providing me any sort of tools. At the beginning, i treated them as we treat rubbish: keep them far from my nose, they stinks! But as poor people in the Brazilian fazendas, living in the middle of garbage they become used to, and in the end, they go everyday to seach food in the middle of pollution mountains.

I started using simple javalinks, then more powerful ones. Some were able to firestart a whole map once launched. Amazing.
But still I never used a script in a true battle.

I was not a scripter, yet.

It was when my doctor said to me I had only 6 months of life that everything has lost its value. My hands started losing agility. The evil is in me, is eating me day by day. I started using scripts in daily game for this reason. I cannot move the mouse, nor to click properly my keyboard.

Expecially now that they had to cut my middle fingers away. On both hands. I cannot even drive in Rome traffic, without my middle fingers.

My best netromate promised me he'll be able to create to me robotic hands with big middle fingers. It seems he's able to insert a script in every toe. I am holding my breath, but till that day, i cannot do much more than sitting down and launch my scripts.

Sorry I need to lit another ciggy, but it's not easy when u are close to die and your hands refuse to light the match. I often burn my middle fingers when i try to lit a ciggy, but then i remember that i have no more my middle fingers, and i understand it was only a ciggy script.
A ciggy script is a script to smoke a ciggie when my wife is around. What could i do in these last days of my life if i had not my netro mate providing me scripts?

Sorry, i typed the ciggy pleasure in the wrong window....

Ok i am back.

Now, I am not sure if i'll be able to spend Christmas with my daughters and my wife. Not that i miss the latter so much. I loved her, long time ago, but when she created a 100 comps account to bomb me in Manchester, love has come to an end. Since then, i have been scriptbombing her daily with a fake comp.
But i feel really sorry for my daughters, so i asked my mate to create something for me. It seems he's near to gimme the new realease of a fantastic holographic tool able to represent me even if i am not there. It was ready, but i asked my friend to add some special effects: farts and bad feet smell. Else, they'd soon find out that is a fake.

But I have a little hope to get out of all this.
Last night some green little creatures from Alpha Centaury raped me when i was coming home. It seems they wanna study my wonderful body to try and do a copycat of my self to bring to their planets and launch it as a sex symbol, or something like this.

I tried to explain that i have a mortal cancer, but they laughed at me.
It seems that it is not the thruth, but a hidden effect of a script. They say they are able to remove the viral component of the code, and that there are good possibilities for my mmiddle fingers too.

I really hope they can do it in time for Christmas. So I can spend it with my family. And I can finally stop scripting in Netro.

I would cross my fingers, if only I had my middle ones.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Another Milestone

Did Someone Oversleep?





Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Cheat Exposed

Here is the proof:

Monday, 10 December 2007

Valhalla Today: Shame!

So So So, Quincy Is The Scripter, Not To Speak Of Some Nasty Comments On Some Previous Posts...
In This Brief Video, Look What Happened Against Me And Midget In The Sacred Lands Of Valhalla This Afternoon.
I Have To Admit, It Was Difficult To Resist And Not Sort Things Immediately, But In The End I Gained This Nice Video.

Ah, Let's Name & Shame: The Comp To Script Was "Bull of Madeds"

Friday, 7 December 2007

NOC (Netropolis Operation Center)

How To Confortably Have Control Of Your Own Netropolis Empire....

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

São Salvador da Baía de Todos Los Santos

Where are the Saints gone then?

Monday, 3 December 2007

The Big Black Sea: Brisbane

A Weekend In Berlin

Click on the images to enlarge

Name, Shame and... Burn!

I have to admit, i am a very curious guy...
So as i noticed that Chicago was on fire this morning, i logged into it just to see what was happening.
My attention was caught to the fact that only few plots were not on fire, so i browsed the map and... this is the sequence....