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Thursday, 30 April 2009

How To Level Up Fast Fast Fasssssssssst in BW

A brief guide to Bosswars newbies.

How to level up to level 3 in few seconds?

Not a great matter.

Just build a market stall, let's suppose a Fruit one.
Then keep SHIFT button pressed on your keyboard, and with your mouse go to change that market stall stock.

Keep in mind that, different than Netropolis, in BossWars you have EFFECTIVELY to change stock not to be trapped in a error...

So now click fast through various stocks always changing it and mantaining SHIFT button pressed... this brief video shows how it works!

In a tabbed browser (it works 100% on CrazyBrowser, i know that it's the same in Maxton, dunno on other ones...) you have several tabs opening while you go on clicking the various stocks.
On the bottom right or your browser window you can have a trace on how many clicks you did (not 100% accurate if oyu are really fast, so that some clicks could be traced as an error, but it gives you an idea without checking your headquarter to see how many actions you did...)

Hope it is of any help for you all, enjoy it!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

R.I.P. Netro

Copied and pasted from Netropolis Unofficial Forums

We at Tiscali are working with the games reps Craig and Karl to give the Netropolis game a much needed makeover, porting to modern code, cleaning up a number of issues that adversely affected gameplay and setting the stage for easier updates and extra features to be added.

The games reps are bringing a lot of fresh ideas and concepts to the format, and with their years of in depth knowledge and their much easier to update codebase (the core of the original game dates from 1994) we can expect to see the game move from strength to strength.

We are in the final stages of moving Bosswars onto Tiscali servers, after which both the games reps and a couple of the orignal Netro coders will work together to try and give Netro the makeover it deserves.

Some points..

The original Netropolis will continue to run for the meantime, but it is compiled on very old servers that we won't be able to keep alive for ever.

Alex Martin

Monday, 27 April 2009

Another One Left?

Some black maps today. I prolly did not check in time, but looking at what i had:





it seems that another player left....
Where's The Game Going?

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Crack Crack Caracus

No Doubt, PanzerTanks Own It All

Thanks God, Quincy Is Retired

A little update a couple of hours later

Defo Panzer Tanks Comps Own Crack Crack Caracus...

Monday, 20 April 2009

Looking for cheaters

I maintained my promise:

Now let's see if something fraudolent is running in Caracus


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

BossWars - Toasted BelFassssssssssssst

To be sincere, i am not following Netropolis at all, and Bosswars is not my primary thought at the moment.

I was logging into some comps today, and found out that BW - Belfast was 100% burning.

It was long time i did not see such a perfect toasting.... maybe it's time I come back and visit some little old maps.... Does Netro miss me?