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Friday, 22 August 2008

Oil Painting in Olympus

Olympus is always a good place to look at: due to its unexistant security / police, it's not so rare to see war in there.
As it often happens, all started yesterday during the police strike day, when all the map was heavily bombed and went completely dero:

Current landowners rebuilt it all nightime but in the early morning the same bomber offered an unexpected replica, destroying the whole place again.
Nothing new, and i would have lost immediately interest in it but landowners went mad and started trying to build stalls and hot dogs stands - trying to type a very original phrase (I am 99% sure that it was "Karl scripts"); they did not succeed in completing their task though, couse the bomber(s) started destroying their buildings.
At the beginning, all letters went bombed but at a certain point the bomber(s) became smarter, and in the end the map showed a very amusing grapphity:

Then was the bomber(s) turn to write down the map epitaph:

Just few final notes:

1. bombing was 99,99999% manual, very fast but nothing that made me think of a script....
2. defending was 99% manual, even if 4 comps working online at the same time can always look suspicious
3. as usual, someone (I know who you are) did not lose the opportunity to accuse Karl and/or me to be the fraudolent author(s) of the mess (Little Twirp manni is exhaustive...)
Not that this scares me at all (as I said, bombing was manual...)... in any case, you could easily ask around to find out if that comp is in any way related to us...

I can always join the bombing crew, if needed....

Thursday, 21 August 2008

World Of Netropolis Toolbar!

I know I know
I'd deal with more serious stuff but...
I am really proud *cough cough* to announce that.....

Starting today a new *cough cough* wonderful tool *cough cough* is available to all of World of Netropolis fans!

It only works with IE and Firefox
OSs: Windows Vista, XP, 2000
No adware, no spyware

What it CANNOT do:

1. script bombing a whole map
2. clean/repair 15 comps at a time in seconds
3. flood players forums with accuses of others scripting
4. log into whatever account (yours of your enemies'...)
5. provide unlimited money trasfer

If you think it's not useful, then DO NOT click on the banner below!

So far, it has some basic functions and icons, i'll try and make it better next days.

Suggestions and comments are welcome!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

19 Billions Party

To celebrate the new goal of my main, everyone is invited in Rome for a beer...
Just pay attention to the barman!

Sorry for those in Canberra, it seems they'll be really busy today...

Thursday, 14 August 2008

OLYdays (not a mistake!)

Looking at OLYmpus today...

i was wondering who is on OLYdays...